Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meeting Mr. Wonderful

On my hike Saturday, I met Mr. Wonderful. Tall, dark and very handsome, he stood in the shade with two female companions.

I hurried to catch up before they moved on. I couldn’t help myself, drawn by his black curls and gentle demeanor. His companions greeted me. He nodded my direction and gently touched my outstretched hand.

Embarrassed, I proceeded up the hill. They followed close behind, then passed me at the bench where I wrote a haiku to August. (Hillside by the trail/covered with blonde bedhead grass – /Northwest in August)

I tracked them to the top, eager to see him again. His companions explained that he didn’t like the downhill. We fell in together, the four of us, pausing whenever he did.

When they stopped halfway down, I decided to continue alone.

That’s when I learned his name.

Noodle, the black Labradoodle. What a guy!

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