Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chrome, the Cheshire Cat of Windows 10

Badgered into moving
from my cozy internet connection
I succumbed,
I accepted,
I downloaded.

Ten is the number assigned
to my new improved Window
on cyberspace.

A round, promising ten.

They guaranteed I would be pleased,
would find my way with grace and speed.

I spent days, like Alice
chasing a vanished Cheshire smile,
searching for my own Chrome Cat,
circling, cycling,
turning and turning
and returning
to try again.

I glimpsed that elusive Cat before
it faded to a round afterimage
that pulsed when touched
then slept.

Where had he hid, that sneaky creature?

I asked the cybernerds for help
to find elusive Chrome-y Cat
and learned I’m not the only one
pawing through the tangled Web,
grasping at that small balloon,
to watch it vanish once again,
then emerge when I look
the other way.

But no, I haven’t really tracked him
cannot trick him into staying.

So like a cat! Yet I persist,
hope to coax him back to me,
entice him to purr again
and consent to stay.

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