Sunday, June 7, 2015

Conserving Water

Downtown the other day, a young couple walked toward me, hand-in-hand. The man sported a T-shirt emblazoned with “Conserve water. Drink beer”

No feather tickled my funny bone. Am I humorless? Not about most things. And I don’t mind folks who have a glass of wine or beer with a meal or for relaxation. But touting alcohol as a solution to water shortages? Only a comedian with impeccable timing could make me laugh at that.

I thought of the old Olympia Brewing Company slogan, “It’s the water.”

But this is not the Northwest. Besides, the guy was far too young to have heard it. And far too young to have a belly bigger than his chest, but there it was.

I’m reminded of a euphemism for urination. Make water. That’s what beer or any other alcoholic beverage does. Makes water. Inside you. Which must then be released. And flushed. Using more water.

Now there’s an image for a water conservation campaign.