Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Sunshine

I spent the first weekend of March in Yachats at another writing workshop. I shivered in the damp fog and developed a backache from scrunching under my coat during the workshop. Even though Yachats is one of my favorite places, I couldn’t help congratulating myself on the decision to move south.

During one of the breaks, I visited the local bookstore. Noting copies of Fifty Shades of Gray, I spoke to the woman at the register. “When I first heard the title, I thought ‘oh, someone’s written about Western Oregon.’” We both laughed.

Friday, March 15: I made a reservation for an apartment in Atascadero! Cats are welcome. The manager seemed real nice over the phone - and there's a place available on April 6! It's an end unit, upstairs, so only one side neighbor and one downstairs. Hope I like it! It's month-to-month; I can move if it doesn't work out.

And you're wondering why April 6. Well, the folks buying my house want me to be out by April 5 at noon. After much hemming and head scratching, I agreed. I've scheduled a mover and am in the process of packing a bit at a time. I've sold some items on Craigslist and have more to go.

In preparation to take Simone with me, I took her to 'Doctor Tom' for her shots. He cleaned her ears, one of which was really clogged. Afterward, it became infected. Two more visits and she's now on antibiotics for ten days.

I had planned to drive to San Luis Obispo for a week to look around and find a place to land.

But Simone would have to stay in the cat hotel. While telling a friend of my dilemma, I realized I was being told to slow down. So, I'm staying in Eugene until April 5 - or whatever day the papers are signed and my furniture heads down the road!

March 19: The rains are back. On days last week when the sun shone, I doubted my decision. Today I reminded myself that weather like this often continues through May. Last year, I had my heat on through the drizzly middle of July!

So I’m pleased my application for the apartment has been approved. The manager offered me a different unit, one that’s above their (empty) model. My sister wondered if they thought my heavy-footedness would disturb downstairs neighbors, but the manager claimed she doesn’t want families with screaming kids above the model. Neither my sister nor the manager have heard Simone howl, usually for no apparent reason. In the more isolated unit I won’t risk being reported to the SPCA!