Thursday, December 31, 2015

Miracle on New Year's Eve

A small miracle today: On my jog, a pit-bull mix came growling up behind me. I stopped, turned and said, "Whoa, that's not nice. I'm not bothering you."

He cocked his head, puzzled, then trotted back into his yard. Whew!

Does that make me a dog whisperer? Probably not. But I will give wide berth to that particular house.

Later, gazing at blue sky through bare trees above a pond by my new home, I realized how blessed I am to end this year unharmed.

That evening, I watched the sun slide away and wrote:

New Year’s Eve, 2015

Horizon glows amber, backlights bare trees,
casts shadows onto steel-tinted pond.
Fog that worried our weatherman failed to arrive.

The squirrel-proof birdfeeder replenished,
I cozy into winter quiet, grateful
this year ended clear and dry
and safe.

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