Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Picture ID

Simone’s photo ID arrived last week.
I didn’t know she had applied for one.

“We don’t owe you anything,” I said to the letter from the clinic.
Simone and I had vowed never to go there again,
driven off by noise echoing from room to room.

I slit the envelope. A card spilled out.

Not a bill. A photo ID. For Simone. My cat.
I had to laugh. Bad as any DMV photo,
Simone glowers at the camera, ears laid halfway back.

A criminal cat if ever I saw one!

But where shall we use this card?
Simone is a stay-at-home cat, and old,
born near the end of the last century.
She sleeps. She eats. She sleeps again.

Still, it’s good to know when her shots expire,
though Simone may expire before that.
I’m letting her call that shot.

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